Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not Your Average Bulletin Board

here’s a super easy spin on the bulletin board of the past. no cork necessary.

what you'll need:
frame of any preferred color, shape or size

you can choose to purchase a new frame, or re-use an old one as i've done. i wanted to create a white frame, so my first step was painting a black frame that i had lying around.

once your frame is ready, measure and attach screws along edges of frame.

after the screws have been added you can attach the wire by simply wrapping it around the screw on one side of the frame, and stretching it across to the other side. 

it’s as simple as that! use clips to attach pictures, mementos, ticket stubs, etc.


  1. Love this idea! I am obviously a fan of bulletin boards.. love the new spin :)

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