Sunday, June 26, 2011

well, i’m back! it’s been a busy summer so far, but hopefully i will make more time for blogging now that it has settled down a bit.

check out this super easy storage / display project i tried out this week.

what you'll need:
- wood block (you can use scraps or purchase pre-cut blocks)
- Mason jars (any size)
- hose clamps (found at Lowe's / Home Depot)
- paint (if preferred)
- various sized screws

i purchased pre-cut wood blocks from Hobby Lobby, and painted them an accent color from our Bonus Room. 
next, decide where you want the Mason jar positioned on the wood block, 
and this is where you will attach the hose clamp. the most difficult step in this 
project will probably be drilling a hole in the hose clamp. you will need to do
this so you can attach it to the wood block with a small screw.
once you have a hole drilled, you can attach the clamp to your wood 
block as seen below.
now it's as simple as sliding the Mason jar into the hose clamp and tightening
the clamp to hold the jar securely. 
the last step is to hang on the wall and fill with goodies!
some ideas:
- flowers 
- pens and pencils in the office
- candles
- potpourri

i filled mine with darts since these are hanging in the "man cave" next to 
my husband's dart board. 

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