Monday, September 19, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

I bought this lamp at TJ Maxx for $40 with the intention to paint it, and use it in my nursery.  Never did I think it would turn out as well as it did!
 In two easy steps, I've created a brand new look!  All it took was a can of white spray paint...I wrapped the parts I didn't want painted in aluminum foil.
 Once everything was wrapped, I took it outside to paint.  Here's the base with a fresh coat of paint...
 Step Two: freshen up the shade.  I chose to paint the shade with Tulip fabric paint.  This just happened to work out perfectly...if it hadn't worked out, I planned to wrap the shade with fabric.  But luckily for me, the shade took the paint well and it looked really good!
 ...and the result! I love it!

So I've had this bookcase for a few years now - I think it might have cost about $20 at Target or Wal-Mart.  For years now, it's been holding my school books and I keep telling myself that one day I'm going to cover the back with some fabric to freshen it up and add a punch of color and pattern.  Well, now that I'm done with school and have moved my now-empty bookcase into the nursery, I decided it was finally time!
Here's the fabric I chose:
 Since my bookcase was already assembled, I had to remove the back in order to attach the fabric.  Once the back was off, I used spray adhesive to coat the back.
Next, carefully lay the fabric on top of the back and smooth out any wrinkles.
Then, flip the back over to trim any excess fabric.
 Once, glued and trimmed, re-attach the back to the bookcase and you're done!
What do you have lying around that can use a fresh coat of paint or a fabric accent?

Monday, September 5, 2011

iPhone / iPod Charging Dock

This project is a little more intense than most, but well worth it in the end.  I will show you how to make your very own iPhone Charging Dock that will take the place of that ugly white cord lying across your nightstand.

What You’ll Need:
Hardback book
iPhone / iPod charger
Razor blade

First, you'll want to use the head of your iPhone charger to measure the appropriate cut-out from the cover of your book.  I did this by measuring the length I needed and then drilling a hole on either end. 
Then, use a razor blade to cut between the holes, creating a rectangle that your charger can fit through.  This rectangle will need to be deep enough that your charger can sit flush with the top of the book.
(major props to my husband for helping with the drilling and cutting)

Once you've cut out the space for the charger, you will need to cut a tunnel out of the pages for the cord to lay in.
Now, if you'd like you can glue the pages of the book together...or if you've cut accurately enough or plan to remove the charger when traveling, you may not want to glue all the pages together.
 Now place the book on your nightstand (or wherever you charge your iPhone/iPod) and enjoy! No one will ever suspect that beautiful novel by your bed is actually a charging dock for your iPhone! Plus, no more cords falling behind your furniture when no phone is plugged in to hold it in place.

Super Easy Wedding Gift

So here’s a super easy, super classy wedding gift that will cost you almost nothing. 
What You'll Need: 
a canvas (any size you like)
foam or wooden letters - I used a combo of both
adhesive - I used Mod Podge
white spray paint

You can choose any wording you like.  I chose to include the couples' last name, their initials, and the date of their wedding. You can follow my lead, or choose "wedding" sayings like I DO, IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS, ALL BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE FELL IN LOVE, WITH THIS get the idea.  Be as creative as you like!
 Arrange your letters on the canvas to get a feel for the proper spacing, then just secure them with your adhesive.  Once everything is glued down, coat the entire project with a couple layers of white spray paint...and you're done!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ideas You Should Try

No projects this week, just some really cool ideas to try!
 Use bag ties to label power cords in your power strip.

Add memories throughout the year and read them on New Year's Eve.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

well, i’m back! it’s been a busy summer so far, but hopefully i will make more time for blogging now that it has settled down a bit.

check out this super easy storage / display project i tried out this week.

what you'll need:
- wood block (you can use scraps or purchase pre-cut blocks)
- Mason jars (any size)
- hose clamps (found at Lowe's / Home Depot)
- paint (if preferred)
- various sized screws

i purchased pre-cut wood blocks from Hobby Lobby, and painted them an accent color from our Bonus Room. 
next, decide where you want the Mason jar positioned on the wood block, 
and this is where you will attach the hose clamp. the most difficult step in this 
project will probably be drilling a hole in the hose clamp. you will need to do
this so you can attach it to the wood block with a small screw.
once you have a hole drilled, you can attach the clamp to your wood 
block as seen below.
now it's as simple as sliding the Mason jar into the hose clamp and tightening
the clamp to hold the jar securely. 
the last step is to hang on the wall and fill with goodies!
some ideas:
- flowers 
- pens and pencils in the office
- candles
- potpourri

i filled mine with darts since these are hanging in the "man cave" next to 
my husband's dart board. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not Your Average Bulletin Board

here’s a super easy spin on the bulletin board of the past. no cork necessary.

what you'll need:
frame of any preferred color, shape or size

you can choose to purchase a new frame, or re-use an old one as i've done. i wanted to create a white frame, so my first step was painting a black frame that i had lying around.

once your frame is ready, measure and attach screws along edges of frame.

after the screws have been added you can attach the wire by simply wrapping it around the screw on one side of the frame, and stretching it across to the other side. 

it’s as simple as that! use clips to attach pictures, mementos, ticket stubs, etc.