Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Easy Wedding Gift

So here’s a super easy, super classy wedding gift that will cost you almost nothing. 
What You'll Need: 
a canvas (any size you like)
foam or wooden letters - I used a combo of both
adhesive - I used Mod Podge
white spray paint

You can choose any wording you like.  I chose to include the couples' last name, their initials, and the date of their wedding. You can follow my lead, or choose "wedding" sayings like I DO, IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS, ALL BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE FELL IN LOVE, WITH THIS get the idea.  Be as creative as you like!
 Arrange your letters on the canvas to get a feel for the proper spacing, then just secure them with your adhesive.  Once everything is glued down, coat the entire project with a couple layers of white spray paint...and you're done!